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Taekwondo in Lipetsk

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баннер Fedulovthe First President of World Taekwondo Federation in Russia S. M. Fedulov

Taekwondo appeared in Lipetsk due to Sergey Mikhailovich Fedulov and his confederates Sergey Penkov, Viktor Razumov, Vladimir Golovin, Peter Boldyrev. On the personal initiative of Sergey Mikhailovich Fedulov the oriental martial arts club has been founded. Vladimir Golovin, and shortly after him – Sergey Penkov were the first two elected presidents of the club.

Taekwondo rapidly developed in Lipetsk region. Over 1500 thousands of people desire to be engaged in this beautiful sport. Taekwondo schools are opened in many towns of Lipetsk region: Zadonsk, Gryazi, Chaplygin, Dankov.

In 1992 a general conference in Moscow took place, where S. M. Fedulov has been elected for the post of the First President of World Taekwondo Federation in Russia.

Initial achievements of Lipetsk Taekwondo Club are associated with successful performance of S. M. Fedulov’s student Elvira Popova – she became a champion of USSR, further on she became a four-time champion of Russia, and in 1993 she won the 5th place at the World Cup in New York. S. M. Fedulov’s other students achieved great success as well: Albert Chekalin, Alexander Polyanskiy, Igor Kiselev – became champions of Russia in 1992; Yuriy Grevtsev – became a champion of southern region of Russia and won prizes at many high level tournaments.

In 1994 Goodwill Games take place in Saint Petersburg, where Taekwondo is presented for the first time, later on it becomes one of Olympic sports. Sergey Mikhailovich actively participated in this process. In 1995 he becomes a member of Legal Committee of World Taekwondo Federation, and in 1996 he is awarded with the honorary title of the European Taekwondo Union. In 1996 Sergey Fedulov tragically passed away.

Since 1997 there is an annual International Taekwondo Tournament in Lipetsk, which is dedicated to the memory of S. M. Fedulov. In 1997, when the very first such Tournament took place, not only Russian teams arrived, but also teams from Korea, the USA, Greece, Bulgaria and Ukraine came to honor the memory of S. M. Fedulov.

On December, 1st, 2009 Anatoliy Konstantinovich Terehov has been unanimously elected for the post of President of Taekwondo Union in Russia.

As further development and popularization of Taekwondo and other martial arts, as well as for attraction of youth to physical culture and sports, full and harmonious development of personality, expansion of sports relations in Lipetsk and the region, Lipetsk Regional Public Organization «Taekwondo Federation» has been founded. It serves to unite all sport clubs and sections of the city into a unified mechanism for development of physical and sporting spirit among children of preschool and school age.

Since June 2013 Sergey Sergejevich Fedulov holds the post of President of Lipetsk Regional Public Organization «Taekwondo Federation»; he was elected at an extraordinary general meeting of the Organization.